Raising Heritage Breeds Naturally

Raising Milking Shorthorns, Morgans and Moresians, Shepadoodles, Bourbon Red Turkeys and Dorking Chickens.

A limited quantity of grass fed beef is available.

We will have beef available in the spring.

We raise cows that are raised naturally and grass fed, using rotational grazing in the spring and summer, and provide hay, pasture and fresh sprouts during the fall and winter. We plant mixed legumes and grasses for increased nutrition.

We raise registered Milking Shorthorns. Milking Shorthorns are a wonderful dual purpose breed that we use for both milk and meat. They have great feed conversion and do well with grass fed.

We don't use any chemicals on our feed or animals, and raise our own hay or buy non treated hay.
We also don't use any hormones or chemicals while we raise them, such as the chemical fly sprays etc. We minimize immunizations since they stay on our property all year and are a closed herd.  We avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. 

Their meat is excellent. I think you get a better quality of meat from a dual purpose animals since the beef breeds have been bred so much to increase production, that flavor and quality is sacrificed.

My cows have the perfect amount of milk for a family milk cow. They don't overproduce so after the first few weeks I only milk when I want milk, and I calf share, letting the calf have the milk the rest of the time. This is perfect if you want your own milk cow and don't want to be tied down to milking every day

Contact us for availability of beef.

Milking Shorthorns imageMilking Shorthorns imageMilking Shorthorns image